Brainspotting for Sports and Creativity Enhancement

Brainspotting™ provides a powerful ability to move athletes through blocks and tap into the brain’s ability to heal and create new connections.

When working with sports or creativity enhancement, we are focusing very intently on specific details and areas of work. We always recommend 3 sessions for this type of work. In the first session we get into the block that is bringing distress, in the second we hone what was started in the first session. We then plan a third session a bit further out to see what else, if anything, may still need to be addressed.


Two years ago, at a Brainspotting workshop with David Grand, I had the privilege of witnessing David provide a young triathlete with a Brainspotting session. I was sitting in the front row, and was quite surprised by my reaction. I was filled with such curiosity and joy around the possibility of doing Brainspotting with athletes. I was blown away - dumbstruck, even!  By nature, I am a little shy, so you can imagine my surprise when I found myself trying to explain my newfound enthusiasm to Mr. Grand after the sports performance demo. I was so shaken by what I’d seen in the demo that when I tried to communicate my interest to Mr. Grand, I was terribly unclear and jumbled; the poor man misunderstood my intentions, thinking I wanted to be a triathlete and began talking to me about "starting with running one mile.” I was so confused by his advice - we were talking right past each other!  Finally, a bystander became our interpreter, explaining to Mr. Grand, "I think Mary Jane would like to do Brainspotting with athletes."  "Yes!” I exclaimed.  "That's it!"  Such a curious way to launch a new career...

Since that time, I have had the opportunity to take several advanced courses from David Grand. I can now call him a friend, which is delightful. His work is incredible. I am so lucky to have had a chance to learn from "the best of the best.”  Likewise, I’ve had the opportunity to help athletes overcome mental and physical “blocks" using Brainspotting, helping them to reach their goals and achieve greater physical, mental and emotional comfort in their athletic pursuits.

I have a passion for working with athletes, and a variety of creative professionals, such as actors, singers, comedians, using Brainspotting to enhance creativity and remove various performance blocks.  These professionals bring much needed joy, excitement, contemplation and laughter to our world.  I have witnessed profound results after a few sessions of Brainspotting.

A trauma experienced during practice for a performance or during a performance itself is performance trauma. Such trauma can include physical injuries, failures, & humiliations. Performance traumas accumulate in the nervous system of the performer from childhood & ultimately lead to performance blocks & anxiety.
— David Grand

David Grand, the founder of Brainspotting, has co-authored a book on the topic: This is Your Brain on Sports: Beating Blocks, Slumps and Performance Anxiety for Good! It’s available on Amazon in print and via Kindle.

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